About Information Management Alberta

About Alberta Information Management

We are a locally owned business in the Fort Saskatchewan area providing secure document destruction Services.

Originally from Guelph Ontario Canada I worked for Shred-Tech Corporation in the position of Plant Manager. My 16 years of service allowed me to meet many Shredding customers both large and small.

This experience has allowed me to realize the importance of securing not only your personal information but the personal information of your customer base. With identity theft becoming a growing concern the need for this service is increasing.

Alberta Information Management is committed to providing our customer base with secure document destruction to ensure your personal information as well as the information of your customers is secured, giving you peace of mind.

As an added bonus all of our shredded paper is moved to a secure location in the Edmonton area where it is bailed and sold to paper mills for recycling. This has a tremendous impact in reducing the number of trees needed to meet the market requirements for paper products.